Just What Is the Nutritional Profile of Cayenne?

An In-Depth Nutrient Analysis of Cayenne Pepper

The health benefits of cayenne pepper are known to many and that knowledge is increasing. This nutrient profile of cayenne pepper will hopefully help add to that knowledge.

Western medicine, while a great benefit and blessing to mankind for its emergency care, clinical research, and diagnostic analysis, is not the panacea to all health issues.

Clearly that's self-evident by now, but I digress.

This page's purpose is to show you the nutrient profile of cayenne pepper, not to dwell on the problems with modern-day health care.

Continuing, cayenne pepper (Capsicum) is literally one the greatest health secrets in the world. It is almost unparalled in its remarkable array of health benefits known the world over. But just what's in it?

Below is an in-depth nutrient analysis of cayenne pepper or capsicum that should help you better understand this therapeutic powerhouse.

cayenne pepper nutrition profile

 capsicum nutrition profile

Just for clarity, here are what the various acronyms mean:

  • g - grams
  • mg - milligrams
  • mcg - micrograms
  • %DV - percentage of daily value
  • International Unit (IU)

For more information on what those standards mean, I suggest searching online in Google or your search engine of choice and getting more information there. However, here is a question that comes up often so let me answer it now.

Question: 1 mcg is how many mg?
Answer: 1,000 mcg = 1 mg. Thus 1 mcg = 0.001 mg.

For International Units, let me quote directly from Wikipedia for ultimate clarity.

"An International Unit is a standardized measure of the biological activity (biological effect) of manufactured medicinal drugs and vitamins. For every substance to which this unit is assigned, there is an internationally accepted biological effect expected with a dose of 1 IU. Other quantities of the standard preparation of the substance are expressed in multiples of this dose and may be converted into mass units. For example, 1IU is equivalent to 45.5 microgram (0.0455 milligram) of insulin, 0.6 microgram (0.0006 milligram) of penicillin, 0.3 microgram (0.0003 milligram) of vitamin-A, 50 micrograms (0.050 milligram) of vitamin-C, or 25 nanograms (0.000025 milligram) of vitamin-D."

The important thing to see here is that cayenne is teeming with Vitamin A or Beta Carotene. That said, it is unique combination of nutrients that exist in a delicate balance that form, along with capsacin, an herb that has a rightful claim to being the king of the cayenne pepper

At first glance, the nutrient profile of cayenne pepper seems unremarkable and perhaps it is.

Just what makes it such a unique and powerful herb? The capsacin, the secondary metabolite in

cayenne and hot peppers that makes them hot to the taste, is a very powerful nutrient that has been shown in three separate studies to kill prostate, leukemic, pancretic and prostate cancer cells.

The capsacin is not the only ingredient in cayenne that is potent and wondrous, though. The "secret sauce" is its total combination (although the capsacin is certainly a key to its therapeutic benefits).

Whether you believe Almighty God or evolution or both created this remarkable medicinal herb or spice, what's important to note here is that the specific combination of nutrients and trace elements and metabolites are what form a very particular and powerful nutritional valence. It is that delicate and unique balance or valence that makes up this remarkable herb or medicinal spice.

Genetically speaking, we are very close to the ape family but there is a stark difference needless to say between the two species. In molecular biology, the adding or subtracting of one molecule can dramatically affect something's form and existence.

Cayenne and other herbs are no exception. Cayenne pepper is truly one of the greatest health secrets of the world.

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