Real Cayenne Pepper Experiences and Testimonials That Will Surprise You


Welcome to this cayenne pepper testimonials page. While the incredible stories page serves in part to dispense testimonials, I thought it would be worthwhile to provide some anectodal evidence and testimonials as to the efficacy of Capsicum (another word for cayenne) that people have experienced.

These testimonials came to me in an unsolicited manner.

After I received these emails, I asked the writer if I could have their permission to post their emails (in some cases, I've edited their emails for flow, grammar, spelling and punctuation).

Before I share these testimonials, first let me give some context.

Not long ago, a friend of mine told me he didn't believe the claims about the health benefits of cayenne pepper found at this website.

It's a fair point. My response to him was basically this: I like what the Bible says, "Prove all things..." So, admittedly, it takes some faith or belief to try Capsicum -- or anything or any course of action actually -- for faith is the moving cause of all action.

At the end of the day its efficacy can only be proven by experimentation, or by taking that "leap of faith."

Someone will need to prove its effectiveness or disprove it. At least to a certain extent.

According to Dr. Patrick Quillin in his book, "The Healing Power of Cayenne Pepper" (1998), there have been over 3,000 studies conducted on the health benefits of capsaicin and cayenne pepper (p. 6).

This is important for many still discount alternative or homeopathic medicine not to mention the health benefits and therapeutic power of medicinal herbs and spices, as well as the therapeutic benefits of capsicum or cayenne.

Moreover, there are literally thousands of stories around the globe about the benefits of Capsicum or cayenne pepper as well as hot peppers, and now even many modern-day scientific studies support and validate many medicinal herbs and spices' efficacy. That is certainly a step in the right direction of true healing.

Personally, I hope people are bold enough and "faithful" enough, if you will, to test cayenne for themselves for if one does, I am confident that they will see results. Many have all around the world.

That's why this testimonials page (and incredible stories about cayenne pepper page) are so important.

They're real. They're genuine.

I receive emails from folks regularly from someone either asking me questions regarding cayenne pepper or giving their own unsolicited experiences with this amazing medicinal spice or herb.

I've received emails from people all over the world, i.e., Bangladesh, India, Iceland, England, France, cayenneGermany, New Zealand, Israel, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Sweden and of course from all over the United States. That's always fun for me as I've always enjoyed meeting people from other parts of the world.

Plus, it's always exciting and heart warming (no pun intended!) for me to receive such stories.

Before you check out these testimonials, I want to emphasize one thing here: All of these testimonials are genuine and on file. I personally asked each of the people if I could use their story in this page via email.

They graciously agreed for which I'm very grateful. So, without further adieu, here they are.

Actual Testimonials

I went to my conventional doctor after a surprise rise in my blood pressure and I was informed that I had to take some Big Pharma medication for life. I tried asking my doctor of alternatives but failed. I Googled for a natural aid and found your cayenne website and took cayenne pepper religiously for eight months without taking the meds given to me. I did all the other recommended things like exercise and change of diet and my blood pressure normalized and is still so normal I can hardly believe it. In short, cayenne pepper did the trick. It improved my digestion and my cholesterol. Cayenne pepper works!
Lisa Smith 
Seattle, Washington 
Hi there.  I just wanted to share my testimonial about use of Cayenne Pepper in healing my chronic headaches.  I have suffered with almost daily migraines for 7 years and found your website 3 months ago while looking into anti-inflammatory holistic aids. Long story short, I immediately began to drink 1/2 tsp in hot water with a pinch of cinnamon 3 X a day, (graduating to 90k SHU USDA grade pepper now) and my headaches literally stopped occurring! After years of seeing countless doctors and trying endless combinations of medications, e.g., Botox, different therapies, even surgery, chiropractic (you name it!), this spice has literally given me back my life. I cannot thank you enough! My family can not believe it. I tell everyone who will listen to me about this magic spice. I am able to work again in my profession! I can think straight and get off the Topomax (Dopeomax) I was taking, which did help some but gave me horrible cognitive side effects. My neurologist possibly thinks I am crazy, which is unfortunate because if the medical community would embrace this more and suggest this treatment, so many others might also be spared from years of needless suffering, depression, expensive treatments, horrible side effects from medications and poor quality of life. This is not just a game changer for me but a life saver! Thank you again.
Julie Reedy 
Estero, Florida
My name is Jason. I am a Baptist missionary in southern Veracruz, Mexico. For ten years I suffered with a debilitating weakness in my lungs. Every time I came across a cold, flu, or got run down physically or by stress it would go directly to my chest. I would have a chronic, dry hacking cough for two or three months before it eventually away. This would happen several times a year. I was a young man, thirty-six years old with a wonderful wife and six beautiful children but I felt old and worn out and began to sincerely despair of my health. I have cracked ribs on both sides, separated a lower rib from my sternum (that one didn’t heal just right), I have a hernia above my diaphragm from the coughing that I hope to get fixed one day; it has taken its toll on me.
Three years ago while shopping at a local super market one evening we met a local pastor and his wife and while talking she asked me if I knew of something that was good for circulation as she was a twenty-two year diabetic. I knew that cayenne was good but I didn’t know how to describe it accurately in Spanish so I went home that night to look online. I found your site and others. A WHOLE NEW WORLD OPENED UP TO ME!!! I started out with ¼ tsp and moved up to 1½ tsp drinking it two or three times a day. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! I kid you not; it has had such a profound effect on my health. In the last three years I have had “the cough” only twice and that only because I stopped taking it and was under intense stress at the time.
I jokingly tell people that I preach Jesus and cayenne pepper! They will both change your life. Sad to say, not many people listen to either message but those who do are forever affected.
Other testimonies:
I once healed a brown recluse spider bite with a poultice of cayenne powder mixed with olive oil. A house that we were in was truly inundated with brown recluses and one tagged me on my big toe. After two days the bite was ¾ the size of a dime between the joint and the nail. The poison was eating a good sized hole. After taking a shower I ripped off the head of the bite exposing the necrosis and packed the hole with my cayenne/oil poultice and covered it over with a Band-Aid. It was hot but the bite hurt before as well. I changed it maybe three times in thirty-six hours and it was pristine clean. No more redness or swelling, no pus, no necrosis, and no pain! Best of all no multi-thousand dollar doctor bill but resolved for cents in less than two days!
We were in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico when a friend’s (nine months pregnant and ready to start contractions at any time) blood pressure shot up to around 180. You don’t just go to an emergency room in San Cristobal and hope to get seen in time to help you or your baby. I drove the six blocks to their house with my cayenne and honey (I take them with me wherever we go) and fixed her a hot tea with one tsp of cayenne and honey, plus some lime. Within fifteen minutes her pressure was down to a high normal and she and the baby were out of danger.
Our next door neighbor Doña Imelda hadn’t left her house for three months for the pain in her foot as she suffers from diabetes. My wife took her over a container of cayenne and showed her how to use it. She emptied the container in four days and was walking all around the neighborhood. Her husband has heart disease but he won’t take it.
There are many more stories I could tell as I really do promote it a lot. Many folks here suffer from diabetes and heart disease and the cayenne helps both. Keep up the good work.
Southern Veracruz, Mexico 
Cayenne pepper is great. I had a quadruple bypass operation leaving my one heart muscle damaged. I take 1 tsp cayenne pepper, juice of 1 lemon, 1 tsp RAW honey, in 1/2 cup filtered water once a day. On my last cardio examination the cardioligist was amazed as the heart muscle is now working normal. Thank the Lord (and cayenne pepper). (:0>). 
Errol Gertenbach 
Port Elizabeth, South Africa 

Nearly four years ago I had a stroke as a result of a 95 percent blockage of the left carotid artery, [I'm] lucky to be here. Had surgery and had it cleared as best they could, quote from a report then of an ultra-sound after that artery surgery, "The left side suggest the presence of severe carotid disease 70-79 percent stenosis (blockage)." Just came from the doctor, today and [will] quote the latest ultra-sound report, "No haemodynamically significant stenosis," it is virtually normal. I have been taking no medication for this as there is none -- I have been taking cayenne pepper for the last two years!!!

My wife Helen has Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML), which is incurable. Eighteen months ago she was going downhill. She has been taking cayenne since then -- and is in remission. With her age and the nature of the disease, everything should be against her. She started cayenne 18 months ago. Moral to the story, start taking the stuff -- they don't call it the "King of Herbs" for nothing. I am no longer on blood thinner medication, my blood pressure is on average 118/58 (Australia) heart rate around 60 b.p.m, my cholesterol eight months ago was 2.8, with a PSA test of 2.5, and I am 70 years old. Helen is my wife and is 71 years old. [She] was diagnosed with AML August 2009 and given perhaps two months to live, started on the cayenne after she finished chemo December 2009 and was only in remission for about four months after treatment. She was going back in for more blood and platelet transfusions and was on cayenne only about six weeks before that. When we went to the hospital and they did more blood tests they told us she didn't need blood. That was about 18 months ago and she is still in remission. The only "medication" has been the cayenne pepper. We both take one teaspoon in water same time every morning. Bloody amazing, I think.

John Nixon
Cairns, Australia

Wow, I would like to thank you for all your information on cayenne pepper. Recently, I’ve been having poor blood flow to my fingers. For example: I would scratch my head and it wouldn't really feel like it'd be scratching anything. Today, I just had a drink of the cayenne detoxification drink and immediately felt a difference. I scratched my head, for example, and felt my fingers working! I would like to thank you so much for all your beneficial information. If there’s any thing else I should know about cayenne please do share.

Roy, Utah

I have been using cayenne pepper for a while on and off. I used to use it mainly if I felt a cold coming on. I have recently been taking around 3/4 teaspoon in hot water to see if it made a difference to my blood pressure. I have suffered with piles or hemorrhoids for a long time and have noticed a serious difference in the last few days. The part about the doctor who administered the drink to heart attack cases was something I read quite some time ago. Keep up the good work.

Weymouth Dorset, UK

(Editor's Note: For more info on cayenne and hemorrhoids, click the preceding hyperlink.)

I suffered a major heart attack in 1989 at the age of 41. Shortly after that I came across this book (Left for Dead) purely by accident. It was very believable. Purely on an act of faith (since I was also suffering from a severe, sometimes bleeding, ulcer) I went to health food store and bought cayenne capsules. I took them. Within three days my 10-year-old ulcer was completely healed...and since my original heart attack, have been symptom-free of coronary heart disease to this day. I am now 52. I credit...the healing properties of cayenne for saving my life.

Jim Cox

Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs, states that The New England Journal of Medicine reported residents of Thailand had virtually no blood clot (thrombosis) problems.

They frequently use red pepper in their meals and this may be keeping them from getting blood clots! I found a way of keeping rats away on the PETA website. A mixture of cayenne pepper, horseradish, garlic and salad oil. Leave to steep and then spray around bins etc., it works.

Helen Faulkes
Solihull, England

Just wanted to say thank you for the information you have put out on your website, along with your YouTube videos! Cayenne pepper is truly the miracle herb. For several years now, I have been skeptical of the medical establishment due to their close-mindedness, constant pharmaceutical rallying and willful suppression of alternative medicine and treatments. My 86-year-old grandfather received open heart surgery a year ago (single bypass & valve replacement), [and this] gave me an gut wrenching reality check that I need to do everything I can to stay healthy when it comes to the heart. Even at 24 years of age, I really wanted to find a way to maintain optimal cardiovascular health naturally - and that meant a strong bloodflow, clean arteries, and a safe, healthy blood pressure, [and] all without medications.

It has been about four weeks since I discovered cayenne pepper through your website just by accident. After reading and watching your videos and reading your website material, I was convinced this could do some good for me. My local health food store carries Starwest Botanicals in all heat unit ranges (35k to 160k!) I started out with 35,000 (at 1/4 teaspoon). I am now at 90,000 (1/2 teaspoon as of today) I take this stuff RELIGIOUSLY every day literally because of the healthy 'buzz' it gives me.

The benefits are numerous and remarkable! Better REM sleep and more vivid dreams. Increased energy and alertness without the jittery feeling of coffee, along with a stronger pulse. (I can cayennedefinitely feel it working on my heart the moment after its taken.) Sporadic episodes of sharp chest pains that surfaced in the last few months due to stress have disappeared! I can attest to the powerful circulation abilities as well. Not only does every part of my body feel warm and balanced due to good circulation, cayenne also has boosted my sexual libido and performance, allowing for harder and longer lasting erections, which are definitely a good marker of proper circulation.

Once again, I cannot thank you enough for what you've done. I am truly thankful for your inspirational and non-hyped presentation. Only if more people knew the RIGHT information, the wonders it could do for them and their health!

As a professional symphony/orchestra musician (my instrument is French Horn), almost all of us have to deal with "nerves" for a performance/concert or audition. I have found taking a dosage of Capsicum water an hour to two hours before either one, keeps the adrenaline rush under control. I actually find myself more relaxed in a performance from the get go.

J. Cristian
Riverside, CA

Wow I would like to thank you for all your information on Capsicum. Recently I've been having poor blood flow to my fingers, for example, I would scratch my head and it wouldnt really feel like it'd be scratching anything, today I just had a drink of the Capsicum detoxification drink and immediately felt a difference, I scratched my head for example and felt my fingers working! I would like to thank you so much for all your beneficial information. If there's any thing else I should know about Capsicum please do share. Thank You.

(Person giving testimonial chose not to reveal their name.)

Just wanted you to know how helpful your YouTube videos on Capsicum were to my husband and me. I have wanted to take Capsicum for years but did not have the nerve since onions and jalapeno peppers severely upset my digestive tract. Then last spring I read the book Left for Dead by Dick Quinn and now I really wanted to take Capsicum. Anyway, last weekend I stumbled upon your cayenne videos (when I did a search on Slippery Elm) and you gave me the confidence to try. Guess what? It worked! I did it just the way you taught me to and I can take it! I started last Monday w/ 1/8th tsp in warm water........six days later I can take a scant 1/4th tsp three times a day! I am so happy. Thank you so much for all your careful details in those videos. Just what I needed!


I stumbled upon your website and your Capsicum spice really helped my hemorrhoid problem.

Dean C.
Los Angeles, California

I came across your site when Googling for information about Capsicum/chili peppers. I first learned about this spice and its remarkable properties several years ago, I sprinkle it on my food either when available or when I remember to do so! Consequently, I have had mixed/weak results over the years.

Thank you so much for your website! Your suggestion to drink up to a teaspoonful (at present I can manage 3/4 of a spoon) has brought me far better results! I take it with freshly squeezed lime juice, a quarter spoon of powdered ginger (also good, as you'll know) and a spoonful of honey. No probs, it's quite delicious!The feeling of inner cleanliness after taking is quite wonderful.

However, I write today about something else. I have been suffering from severe itching for many years. The feeling is like an electrode or needle puncturing my skin which compels me to cayanne pepperscratch VERY hard, 1-2mins later the scratch reappears just as before. It occurs on the inside of my elbow, on my forearm and on my lower shoulder, below my shoulder blade close to my armpit. The attacks occur during the day but also sometimes at night, awakening me from deep sleep. The only answer is to bear the stinging pain and it usually subsides within 15-20 mins IF I don't scratch again - which is very hard to do!

Your articles on blood circulation and wound healing gave me an idea to rub cayenne on to my itch. And. . . . It worked!! I experienced a relief that lasted up to 12 hours!

I have been particularly plagued with these scratches over the last week and have been very concerned that my deep, hard scratching could be causing internal nerve damage. Even though there are NO external marks, spots or anything else! My skin looks healthy and is healthy.

So, yesterday I stood in the shower, sprinkled the capsicum on to my hand and rubbed and worked it in. All over my arm, shoulder and neck. I should add that the scratching occurs in all those areas but it is the pinprick sharp itch that is by far the major problem.

It takes 5 mins or so before the Capsicum goes to work . . . then you'll feel the heat with a vengeance! My skin went bright red. Wow, this stuff is HOT! But I persevered - because I am so sick of the itch!!!!!

I showered after 30 mins, YES, I waited THAT long!! The burning sensation caused by the Capsicum remained but within another 20 minutes my skin had returned to it's usual colour. Last night I slept well with NO scratching!

This morning I applied Capsicum to a cloth, lightly showered then rubbed it in over the upper half of my body. To be honest, I thought I might have over-done it as I got very hot and red . . . Of course this time over a bigger area, though again, after 20 mins or so it cooled down and soon felt great. No itch! My skin feels great, I feel very relaxed.

I'm sitting drinking the cayenne tea as I write this. Thank you. I will keep in touch to let you know if these great results continue. The best of health to you!

Just to add a few points I missed in my recent emails . . .Doctors have always diagnosed dry skin. Sometimes cream can work but the relief never lasts long. Pharmacists have recommended antihistamines. Again, some relief, but temporary. The problem comes back quickly and then the tabs no longer have any effect.

I have tried tea tree oil, tree sap (market vendor in NZ) and other assorted creams and lotions. Nothing works for more than a day or two. The INTENSE itching only started within the last year. First below my shoulder blade - on perfectly smooth and blotch free skin - then more recently on my forearm. Again, NO visible signs. None whatsoever.

I have suffered from scratchy arms for decades! Yes!! Though as it was never as intense, I have just put up with it. For all this time!!

The humidity in Asia can/does cause tickles/scratches as and when my body perspires. That's quite normal. Obviously, one has to pay close attention to hygiene and avoid strong soaps that can cause DRY skin.

I hope you can see that I'm ticking all the right boxes here?

Also advised: Change detergents and/or Fabric softeners.

Diet? I'm very much like your good self. I eat healthily, exercise and am aware of supplements to increase the immune system, etc.

There is nothing about my lifestyle that I can pin this itchiness too.

Oh, swimming. Yes I do, I even apply olive oil to my skin first if I have a problem to try and counteract it, though I don't see much connection there.

I purposely did NOT use cayenne on my body today. So far so good. I have suffered NO scratching now for 4-5 days since first applying cayenne (also locally sundried chili) to my skin. I started the treatment during a particularly bad attack of scratching that has lasted WEEKS!

Now: Gone!!

I strongly believe that we should and do know ourselves best, I rarely visit a doctor and have never been in hospital.

I can't tell you how happy and grateful I am for your website and advice.

The website I Googled before yours was www.wrong and if you search there on itching you'll see the extent of the problem with many reports such as mine.

I have never heard of the term 'rubefacient' and am researching that this morning. Thanks again! Of course we can't say that cayenne is THE answer, however, it worked for me!

And the drink is fantastic, too!

David Rhodes

I came upon your site today and have enjoyed reading the information there. I wanted to email you and tell you my experience with cayenne. I take 100,000 SHU, 500mg capsules and have worked up to 3 capsules 3 times a day with each meal. Before I began taking cayenne, I had numbness and pain in my lower legs, ankles, feet and toes. This started a year or so ago after I was diagnosed with high blood sugar and high blood pressure. It has gotten progressively worse to the point that the pain and numbness in my feet made me stop my daily 30 minute walks.
I started taking the cayenne because I had read of the benefits to my heart and circulatory system. After only 3 days on the cayenne, I noticed that the pain and numbness in my feet was a lot better. Within a week the pain and numbness has subsided about 80% and was able to walk for 30 minutes without a problem. I assume that the cayenne is having a great impact on my circulation. I am hoping it will do the same for my blood pressure so that I can get off the medication. I am currently taking Diovan. I will keep you posted of other changes I notice from taking the cayenne.
Also, I wanted to ask about taking the capsules. I read somewhere that it is a waste of time taking capsules and that the only way to get the benefits if from drinking the powder mixed with water. I really like the convienence of taking the capsules and the only difference I see is that taking the powder simply gets the cayenne in my system faster. Please tell me it is OK for me to keep taking the capsules.
Frank Bowers
Charlotte, NC

When I started taking the cayenne a month ago, not only did I notice an improvement in the numbness, pain and burning in my feet, I also noticed an improvement in the symptoms of heart disease I was having. Keep in mind that I am taking a teaspoon of 100,000 SHU cayenne 3 times a day, everyday.
On Tuesday of last week, I woke up feeling strange. All during the day I was having nagging chest pain, not bad but bothersome, and my heartbeat was irregular. I was sitting at my desk at about 4pm and starting having some serious pain and tightness in my chest. I am pretty sure I was having a heart attack. I didn't panic, but I began to pray. It got worse. I was considering calling 911 when I suddenly remembered what I had read about Dr. Christopher and how he said he never lost a patient to a heart attack by using the cayenne.
Luckily, I keep a container of cayenne powder at my desk (and in my car, my briefcase and at home) for just such a situation. (I never thought I would have to use it on my self) I went into the kitchen across the hall and mixed 1 rounded teaspoon of cayenne with about 6oz of very warm water and chugged it. I noticed right away that I felt better and the pain subsided somewhat. I went back to my desk and in about 30 minutes the pain increased a little. I figured I had nothing to loose, so I again took another heaping teaspoon of cayenne in about 6oz warm water and chugged it. From then through the rest of the night, if I felt even a hint of discomfort in my chest, I repeated the teaspoon of cayenne in the 6oz of warm water. I did it five times from the time the attack started until I went to bed. I slept like a baby. The next day I felt good as new. It was a miracle as far as I was concerned. I don't know if there was a clot or blockage and the cayenne dissolved it or what. All I know is it worked. I think the key was that I didn't panic. If I had panicked, there is no telling what would have happened.

Well, from now on, at the first sign of any pain in my chest, I am heading for the cayenne. I won't wait until it gets worse. In the days since that incident I have felt stronger and I rarely have any chest pain and my breathing is fuller and easier. I am sold on cayenne. I will take if for the rest of my life. I just wish I had known about it when my mother was suffering with heart disease.
I'm not sure you can use any of this because it is not documented. Some may say that I probably didn't have a heart attack, that it was probably gas. But all I know is how I felt and I know the difference between "gas" pain and a heart attack. With gas I don't think you don't have pain radiating down your arm and you heart doesn't beat radically and you don't have cold sweats and shortness of breath...all of which I had that day.

Anyway, for what it is worth, I just wanted you to know. I can not wait to see what happens in my body next. It is hard to believe that cayenne has so many uses and will work on so many things.

Frank Bowers
Charlotte, NC

Hello again,
I have spoken to you before regarding cayenne pepper. I used to take it some time ago, and after stopping for a while, I recently started taking it again. I had an experience today which I thought was wroth letting you know about. I have for some time had problems with indigestion through eating things that don't agree with me. When I say indigestion I don't mean the burning sensatio that usually is experienced, but an incredible pain in my chest, shoulder and arms. I had capsules from my gp which helped me through this, but I ran out of supplies a month ago, and as I haven't had a problem lately, I didn't go an replenish my supply. Today, however, I ate something that set my indigestion off and I was in total distress with the pains in my body. I went and drank a spoonful of cayenne in half a mug of water and within 3 minutes, the pain had subsided. In 10 minutes, it had gone completely. Thank you for thaking the time to read this email!

Brian Pattison
Rotherham, England

Thank you for replying. Cayenne has definitely helped my husband and I too feel better -- his blood pressure was on the border line but has now come down to a safe level!!! (Had check up today.)

Arpita Desai
Oxfordshire, UK

I have read your site with great interest I have been using cayenne for about six months now. I have a question for you that I can’t find an answer to on your site is it OK to take the cayenne in cold water. I have tried it with the warm water but too be honest I did not like it that way, I take a teaspoon every day now and feel great against the doctor’s advice I slung my cholesterol tablets away. Since then, my bloods have been checked and my cholesterol has dropped from six to four, whilst taking the tablets it was still a constant six with the doctor upping the dosage every time. I don’t know if you have ever taking these awful drugs but they made me feel terrible so any chance to get off them was a bonus. Anyway enough about me thank you for all of the wonderful info on your site most of my family and friends now take your advice. Thanking you in advance,

Chris Emmerson
Hull East Yorkshire, UK 

I just read all your posted testimonials about cayenne, and wanted to put in my two cents. For over three years, I have been taking 3/4 teaspoon cayenne powder daily in water with my meta-mucil and fruit juice. I take it after breakfast.

I started taking it for blood circulation, and after about a year, I began to notice less sinus congestion at night, and now i almost never experience any congestion. I used to suffer every night from it to the point I had trouble sleeping, rolling back and forth to relieve congestion on one side of my nose, or the other.

One other thing. Some years back I had a bad infection that was treated with massive doses of anti-biotics, and after that I had chronic loose bowels. Since the cayenne, no more problems.
I am an 85-year old man, and have always weighed around 120 to 130 lbs, which I still weigh, and is the reason I don't take the full teaspoon of cayenne a day.

I don't take any prescription drugs, and my B\P is around 130\65, Cholesterol is OK I guess.

New Mexico, USA

Last summer the doctor told me that I have advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) -- that I have a life expectancy of two years. No problem. The drug the doctor prescribed causes bone pain and stiffness of finger joints. It brags that it will kill you if taken for any length of time (no time frame mentioned). When I took the doses, I would gasp for air. I could barely walk because I could not breathe. I spent my summer badly. In Sept. of 2010, I was steaming veggies and burned my finger. A steam burn under the knuckle is hard to heal. I don't know why I pulled the cayenne pepper (30K SHU) from my spice rack and drank a teaspoon in warm water, [but I did]. I shook my head and went on with the day. About an hour later the bone pain was gone and I could move my thumb. The next morning the burn was gone without a scab or mark on my flesh. I was amazed. I bought the 90k SHU from my health food store and so many good things have happened since I started drinking it that I haven't the space to relate them. I also take garlic every other day. As for the drug, I stopped taking it several days ago. No gasping, no stopping to breath every few steps. I give the credit to the cayenne pepper.


Hello, you should add that the cayenne pepper capsules can help people with the Raynoud's disease. My hands and feet were constantly ice cold! winter it's been very difficult for me. I have been drinking cayenne capsules for 5 days now. There is snow outside so you can imagine is very cold and risky! I have been normal, my hands are warm, their color is nice and pink for already 5 days! Absolutely amazing! I can't believe it. GET THE WORD AROUND and I hope this will help others like me! CAYENNE PEPPER is WONDERFUL to keep you warm! I have been normal, my hands are warm, their color is nice and pink! Absolutely amazing!

FlowerLilly22 from YouTube

I quit smoking about two years ago and since then I've been having this phlegm-associated cough that I've been ignoring because I kept thinking it would pass but it never did. I finally went to the doctor. She gave me this stupid inhaler called Qvar. All I got out of it was the side effects with dry lips, dry throat -- also read that it weakens my inmune system, etc. Then I ran into your videos online and was still skeptical but knew I had nothing to lose here. I went to an Albertsons and got some organic cayenne red pepper.

The first day I didn't notice anything. I really thought I wasted my time. The second day up to now (wait, let me mention that I do have asthma since elementary school, I'm 28 now) my nasty cough is much cleaner and phlegm free and have never touched my asthma inhaler even while working out since then and its been about a month now. I did more research about cayenne and found that it kills cancer cells in the lungs. One more thing. I came down with a severe flu and only fought it for one day, my skeptical co-worker got it from me and ended up fighting it for a week. BECAUSE OF YOUR VIDEOS AND THE INFO YOU PUT OUT YOU SAVED MY TIME, MONEY, POSSIBLY EVEN MY LIFE. JUST WANNA THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

Las Vegas, NV

I haven't been in touch for a while, because I didn't have much news. But today, I had my blood pressure checked. What a surprise! It used to always be in the high safe range. Today it's 129/088 and pulse is 103. I lost 18 pounds in 5 months. I used to be 288lb. Now I'm 270lb. Not bad for a 66 year old guy. I haven't really changed my eating habits much, except I can't eat as much as I could before. I have also completely been able to eliminate soft drinks, & french fries, from my diet. Never thought I would do that. My coffee consumption is down by 75% of what it used to be. Some of the fast foods I used to love, are becoming repulsive now. I believe that the 90,000SHU of organic cayenne pepper is playing a major roll in my search for good health. I maintail 1 tsp. 90,000SHU in 4 oz. of distilled water after every meal. I even have small containers of cayenne pepper to take with me now, whenever I eat out. Once are the best. I'm so grateful to your site, and it helped to make a very informed decision, which has improved my life tremendously. If you wish to post this testimonial have my permission.

William Tiltman

I would like to thank you for your well thought out, informative, and easy-to-read cayenne pepper web site. I was having mild heart palpitations every now and then, worked myself up to 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne 4 times a day and the palpitations stopped. Of course other side benefits like more energy, less aches and pains were also a happy relief. My SURPRISE came after about two weeks on cayenne, I took my usual 1/4 teaspoon, started stomach cramping (unusual), and headed for the toilet. After finishing a very loose #2, I found two worms about four inches long! This could have been happening for a while, trust me I don't normally look! I was shocked! Maybe you could address the parasite issue with a header of its own on your web site. Cayenne pepper is changing my health rapidly for the better. Thank you so much for your efforts.

Lynn Smith

I had a question have you ever heard of applying cayenne directly to hemorrhoids? I recently did and the effect was immediate with 40,000BTU but I wonder if there would be long-term effects of doing so.

Mind you anyone reading this it does burn like hell for about a hour or so BUT it shrank the size of my deep dark purple ones by about 3/4 and took all the pain away the next day. If such a solution helps someone who is having trouble, than it was worth the time to test it out. I will mention best results have been by applying it every other day as far as keeping the skin from getting sensitive.

Twisted86 (from YouTube)

Two years ago I had keyhole surgery on my right knee due to torn cartilage some of, which was removed leaving me with a permanently swollen knee and a slight limp. I also suffered with joint stiffness in both knees especially the one that had been operated on. I also suffer with swollen joints in my hands due to osteoarthritis. Having read about cayenne I thought I would give it a go. The results have been absolutely remarkable. All swelling in my knee has gone and I no longer suffer with any joint stiffness. Incidentally, I recently had a cholesterol and blood pressure test and was amazed to find my cholesterol level had dropped from 6.6 to 3 and I have perfect blood pressure. I have always been very skeptical about the various claims for herbal and plant-derived products (I am a retired chemist/researcher) and consequently have read quite a lot of the original research papers related to cayenne. I am truly astounded by the results. I also was a marathon runner up until 50 years of age and am now 63. My knee is in such good shape I intend taking up running again. This is truly a remarkable substance and I have recommended it to many of my friends.

Roger Talbot
S.W.Wales, UK

My friend has resolved his prostate cancer using cayenne pepper, he had stage 4 prostate cancer and the doctors gave him six months to live....he is cancer free today almost two years after diagnosis. I completely agree with everything you have said in this video, thank you for getting the word out there!

LiveFromTheFridge (from YouTube video "Can Cayenne Pepper Cure Cancer" at

Wow! My wife and I are over 50 and we started to take cayenne to see if it would help anything. So guess what? It keeps my wife awake and that's big. She has narcolepsy, but now she just takes a capsule before each meal and her sleepy days are gone. Before, the doctors had her on all the different drugs and that’s, what she felt like -- drugged up. Thanks for your site, this spice is amazing. Nick and Cindy (she’s awake)! 

I was told by an urologist that I had High Grade Pin (pre-cancerous prosate). He told me there was nothing he could do about it. I didn't accept that conclusion and started researching the internet. I have been doing various things for many years in an attempt to resolve the medical issue. Some things seemed to contain my PSA and free PSA numbers but never really put it to bed, so to speak.
About 10 months ago I got onto the watercure (three qts of water a day with Celtic Sea Salt) and cayenne pepper. My PSA was 7.8 and my free PSA was 10.5; not good numbers. I started out with 1/4 teaspoon full and worked up to three teaspoonfulls a day quickly. Just got my PSA numbers back.....they were great! PSA went down four points (7.8 to 3.8); "free" PSA went from 10.5 to 21.5, which is very very good. I also juiced greens, i.e., spinach, parsley, and cilantro with carrots, 12-20 ounces a day.
Well, that is my story. I am a very happy person. My blood pressure is 103 over 65, heart rate is 53 (NOT ON ANY MEDS). Blood pressure was 135 over 75. pulse was 68. Really had substantial change there. My blood pressure can go down as low as 97 over 60. What cayenne pepper seems to do is keep the pressure consistent. For example it will go to 102 or 106 but won't take big jumps. It pretty much stays in the 100 to 106 range.

Also, I had an irregular heart beat; that no longer exists. In fact, my father needed a pacemaker. I would hit my fist on my chest to stop my irregular beat. I do not see that occurring in my future. There is NO sign whatsoever of what was once a kind of scary scenario.

I am 68 years old. You can use my name and if anyone has questions, they can contact me at earlkielley at aol dot com. Thank you so much for your wonderful website and "valuable" information. Hope this info helps many people........there is NOTHING like alternative therapy.

Earl Kielley
Middleton, WI

First, let me say a huge thank you for a wonderful and informative website. I have been using the 35K SHU cayenne now for about three months. I graduated from a quarter teaspoonful to a full teaspoonful. However, the strengths seem to vary with different batches even though I ordered 35K SHU the second time around. For some reason, the second batch is so potent that I had to back off one teaspoonful to less than half a teaspoonful and it still upset my stomach. Is it possible that it was mislabeled. It's not just myself that noticed the difference, but my friend who I also share it with. Other than that, I love the product. I got off my high blood pressure pills. My blood pressure reading was actually lower on cayenne than on prescription meds. Keep up the great work that you do and know that you are appreciated. 

Sean Bailey 
Brownwood, TX 

Hi there. I stumbled onto your site a couple of days ago while I was researching cayenne pepper. I must say I found some wonderful info and testimonials, etc.

I have recently started drinking cayenne pepper because I suffer the excruciating and torturous pain of cluster headache cycles. My cycles can last anywhere from eight to 12 weeks and I have up to six attacks every 24 hrs.


The amount of pain killers and the variety of pain killers that I have "eaten" over the past 42 years, you would never believe … (because I am still alive)!


This cycle I decided to try cayenne pepper. I use 1/3 teaspoon ... in 1/2 a glass of warm water ... and skull it ... (and I don't like it)! I wash it down with a juice and sometimes have trouble keeping it down.


BUT ... it is keeping this insane pain of mine under control, I cant believe it.


Cluster pain kicks in very fast and demands attention, reaching 10 out of 10 in no time, so I just wish that the cayenne pepper could kick in a bit faster to save me from the first 10 to 15 minutes of the attack. However,the cayenne pepper eventually "gets the pain." I have taken some fairly major pain killers (in abundance) over the years for cluster headache, but nothing has worked like cayenne pepper!


I have even made a cayenne pepper oil, which I rub onto my face and head (where the pain digs in) - this works wonderfully for me too. I hope this info helps someone.  Especially Cluster headache people who suffer such cruel pain.


Cheers and thank you for a great site.



Perth, Western Australia


I have tried cayenne pepper (1 teaspoon)+honey(2-3 teaspoon)+glass of water works like magic for allergies and sinus trouble. Brought my years and years of allergies in control in matter of few weeks. Try out and let others know. My question.... any idea how it works?.....certainly not I was very cynical about it.


Uxorianhot from YouTube


My husband has had painful lumps in his breast tissue (but not gynecomastia) for years that gets worse with stress and only goes away with breast cancer related medicine. He started drinking 1tsp of cayenne pepper in hot water every night two months ago and all the lumps are gone (never took the medicine in sync with the pepper). I've read about the healing powers of cayenne but this is remarkable and I just wanted to share. We're thrilled about his healing.


There's actually more to the story too. About 3 months ago, he had some blood tests done to test for malaria. He returned from an overseas assignment thinking he had malaria. None of the tests came back confirming that but they did show that he had Hypothyroidism, an enlarged thyroid gland, and 4 nodules on the thyroid. The doctors were concerned, as were we, and rightly so, but he was completely asymptomatic. He felt fine and had no weight gain, lethargy, skin rashes or other hypo indicators. The endocrinologist prescribed him Synthroid and scheduled tests and an ultrasound for 8 weeks later. After a week of taking the Synthroid, he felt like he had Hypo. It was as if the Synthroid induced the symptoms. At 2:00 in the afternoon, he could barely stay awake. He felt terrible and refused to take the medicine anymore. It was at that point that he started taking the cayenne pepper. Last Tuesday, he went back for his blood tests and ultrasound. The endocrinologist was pleased to report that his TSH levels had returned to normal, his thyroid had returned to its original size, and that all but 1 of the nodules had significantly reduced in size. After all the smiling and head nodding, he informed the doctor that he hadn't been taking the medicine she prescribed. She was shocked. As with most conventional doctors we've interacted with, they rarely endorse natural healing over medication so he did not tell her that they only thing differently he'd been doing was taking the cayenne pepper. But in his heart of hearts and mine too, that was the only thing that could've led to his healing of such large proportions. Again, we're so grateful for this miracle remedy. I've started taking it too.


Adria Horn


I started taking cayenne after I got somekind of nerve problem on my foot (lots of tingling and something that I can't really specify, the closest I can come up with to describe it is cramping) that prevented me from sleeping, and I was almost going crazy until I tried this and WOW... It DOES work. It stopped the tingling right away, and every time it comes back I just have a class of cayenne and warm water and it stops. Still no diagnosis, but at least I can treat myself and get sleep.


Jacquitita from YouTube Post


I just happened upon your video.We had a gangrene situation with a man's foot.The toe had to be removed because it was dead. Thought it would self-amputate but it didn't. We removed it with a cleansed metal clipper.What we were afraid of was bleeding. I was aware of cayenne and read the book, so after the toe was removed immediately packed the cayenne on the toe. No bleeding and no infection in the bone, First time trying it for bleeding. We have 16 videos showing how the foot healed without drugs.


MrWaterofLife from YouTube Post

I thought I would share with you an incident that happened today. My friend came over for lunch. After a while he said his chest felt tight, and his breathing was a little difficult. I gave him one level teaspoon of my 90,000hu cayenne pepper in eight ounces of distilled water as hot as he could stand. He drank it. Until now he was a non-believer in cayenne pepper. In as little as six minutes all the symptoms disappeared. He told me he would carry cayenne pepper with him forever. Thank you for having your web site. God Bless You.

William Tiltman

I have been reading about the health benefits of cayenne for some time.  I grew my own cayenne's last  year and dried and ground them into pepper.  I would use it occasionally because my supply was small.  This year I doubles my plant number and saw that I would have plenty.  So I started using it daily.  I should explain that I was a building contractor and did physical labor for forty years.  It takes a toll on your body.  The past three years have been just short of miserable with arthritis.  I would have to walk down a set of stairs one at a time because of the pain.  After about six weeks of religiously taking cayenne I can honestly say I have no effects of arthritis what so ever.  I also have more energy than I know what to do with and am in much better moods.  My wife can attest to that if you know what I mean.  I recommended it to a friend who also worked in the elements and he has told me he has seem much improvement in just a short time.  I'm sure the medical field is aware of the benefits of cayenne but would rather prescribe some pills at ten times the cost.  Keep spreading the word.  I know I will.

Cedar Rapid, Iowa

I have enjoyed reading about the benefits of cayenne pepper on your site and have a couple of stories of my own to add.  My husband had a bad cut that would not stop bleeding and, wonder of wonders he actually let me put cayenne on the cut. He is not much of a believer in natural solutions but amazingly the cut stopped bleeding almost immediately.  Sure made a believer out of him!  Then there was the time that I was coming down with a very sore throat so I put a teaspoonful of cayenne in about 4 ounces of orange juice and gulped it down. Burned like crazy but the next morning my sore throat was completely gone.  I have just recently begun to take cayenne capsules three daily and hopefully can report more benefits at a later date. 
Brooxie Dillahunty 
My name is Rose Alexander. I’ve been married for 23 years. I am a minister of the gospel and do believe that God is a Healer. Our body was created to naturally heal itself but because of our unhealthy eating habits, we have blocked, hindered, delayed and in many cases stopped the body’s natural healing process.

Vitamins and herbs will help your body do what it is naturally suppose to do. We need all the help we can get to help our bodies to get back on track. With that being said, I would like to tell others how God healed me through the use of cayenne pepper.

At this point in my life I had been married for 7 years when I began to hemorrhage heavily. It was very distracting because my husband and I wanted to have children. The bleeding lasted for months nonstop ( I had fibroid tumors). We knew God was going to intervene, BUT we did not know “when” or “how."

Here’s How. I was watching a television special of a woman who was suffering with fibroid tumors. She was scheduled to have a hysterectomy when she returns from her vacation. But while she was on her vacation she found out about a natural way to dissolve the tumors. Can you believe cayenne pepper is what she used to dissolve the tumors? When she returned home, the doctor told her she no longer needed surgery. The tumors were gone. Praise God! I also had fibroid tumors, but when I heard of her success, that’s when God confirmed that cayenne pepper was the avenue to my healing as well. I drank the water/cayenne pepper solution and got the same results. I saw great results with one glass of the solution, immediately. I followed up with the same solution (a few days later, the bleeding had completely stopped). The following month I conceived. I gave birthday to a 6lbs 9oz baby boy on November 27, 1997 (Thanksgiving Day). I published a book that year (2013) about this story. The title of the book is Maternity Leave.

Rose Alexander
Cotton Valley, Louisiana

Since I started using cayenne, I have been able to stop using deodorant. Absolutely no odor even when I work in the hot, humid sun for hours. Mind boggling to me. In 2012, I had two hip replacements and all the associated drugs certainly had some nasty effects, and one obvious one was an increase in "negative" body odors, especially underarms. It was very difficult to control. Problem now solved. Perhaps cayenne will also be instrumental in repelling mosquitoes since they are attracted to certain kinds of skin microbes.

When I see friends, they immediately see the change in my demeanor, and especially my energy level. I have passed your link or website to these people and a high percentage of them have adopted cayenne as their best friend. I am finding a great reduction in inflammation as well as some days I feel like the Energizer Bunny!!! Fabulous. Anxious to see what six months will bring. If I experience other significant changes, I'll pass them on to you.

Toronto, Canada

I am a 63-year-old caucasian male in basically good shape. I do cardio work, both interval and steady state, at least 5 times a week. I hit the weights 2-3 times per week, also.

However, in the last few years, i have developed a persistent blood pressure (BP) problem, and lethargy (tired). My BP was elevated despite taking two BP meds. I starting reading info on your site and other cayenne info.

Let me say that prior to the cayenne, I tried every supplement/vitamin out there, and nothing other than drugs lowered my BP to any extent.

Several weeks ago, I started taking 1/2 tsp of cayenne in warm water -- 30 secs in my small microwave, 2x day. I have a good BP measurement device so I can check my BP at any time. After a week or so, I "graduated" to this current regimen:

  • Cayenne 2x day
  • 2-3 ounces tomato juice warmed with 1/2 tsp cayenne and 2 ounces warm water -- it's not bad at all

I get the above concoction down, and then drink 2 grams arginine powder plus 3-4 grams citrulline. 2x day. In the morning only, I add 2 grams creatine.

These are my results after only 3 weeks:

BP down 15 on top, 10-12 on bottom. Pulse down 5-8 beats. My BP is now regulated.
Better bowel movements and I no longer require bowel additives (aloe, etc). Also, I have fewer persistent headaches -- I have not taken any Ibuprofen since I started the cayenne. I was taking Ibuprofen maybe 3 times a week.

I have cut back from once a day to 3 times per week on Prilosec -- my swallowing problem has dissipated. My doctor thought I may have to have hiatal hernia surgery, but for now the problem with swallowing has stopped.

I have cut way back on the caffeine. I think I was addicted due to my low energy level. My energy on my concoction has greatly improved my energy level. I still use a caffeine product prior to my workouts, but only about 1/2 of my prior use.

My afternoon fatigue has greatly lessened. My sleep has also improved.

I know all of this may sound like BS to you, but I can only attest to my results. Others may have different outcomes. My goal is to gradually wean off at least one of my blood pressure meds -- I will do this very gradually, though.

Feel free to share my story.


I was drinking the cayenne pepper 160k but only 1/4 tsp before I saw your website 2 years ago. My blood pressure always has been 130 or 135/80. I read your website about how the 90k cayenne pepper is as beneficial if your taking more of it. Well, today my blood pressure after taking the 90k cayenne 1 full tsp for about a year daily was 120/76 my doctor was in shock, LOL.

Ubaldo Rodriguez

cayenne on finger wound

This morning, while renovating, I accidentally cut my finger very deeply. Being a man who doesn't feel much pain and being as tough as nails, I simply washed the cut and put plenty of cayenne pepper on it. It cleaned everything, and stopped the bleeding within 10 seconds. Now, the swelling is gone completely. You can see the drying blood below the cayenne pepper powder in the picture to the left. If you look at my finger now, less than 24 hours after cutting my finger, you wouldn't think it was cut that bad.

Joe Scoulou
Sydney, Australia

I started using cayenne in early March because my cholesterol was pretty high and my doctor wanted me to start taking a statin drug. The side effects of statins seemed pretty significant so I asked if I could have a reprieve and test again. I was given 8 weeks to lower my cholesterol. Doing some research I came across your website and incorporated cayenne. I very quickly graduated to a full teaspoon of 90K SKU 3 times daily in hot water with a splash of organic lemon juice. I also radically cut out sugars and flour products from my diet. The cayenne really helps cut cravings for sweets. At the end of 8 weeks my cholesterol was down 70 points over all and into the “safe zone.” I also had an unintended benefit to an old neck injury. For years I have had pretty significant pain and a burning sensation at the base of my neck due to an injury. I did not want to have surgery so I did my best to live with it. While taking the cayenne the pain and burning in my neck dissipated significantly and is currently nonexistent. I am pretty happy about both results, especially since my doctor told me statins are no longer in my future.

San Diego, CA

Thank you for answering my email. I appreciate you taking the time to answer me today. I actually really like the flavor of cayenne mixed with honey. It is like a spicy candy treat. I know honey has its own health benefits, but I don't want to lose any of the "quick release into one's system" benefits of cayenne by mixing it with honey. I suppose I should stick with the capsules and perhaps add the honey mixture occasionally if I am craving a spicy, sweet treat. I am not really into eating much candy, but I do love honey, and the spicy cayenne mixed with it makes it a bit of a fun treat. [For clarity, K. Stewart said she takes 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey.]

Prior to first taking the cayenne, I had been having periods of racing heart beats, pounding chest, and that overall feeling of my veins in head/neck just throbbing. This was fairly regular, and my blood pressure was starting to creep up. Immediately upon taking the cayenne and honey, followed by warm water, I felt better and those symptoms lessened in both frequency and severity. It really was like a miracle for me. I am so grateful to have heard about it.

I am creating files for each medicinal plant so that I can best treat my family and pass the information on to my children as they grow up and have families of their own. Much of what is in my cayenne file came from your site. I really appreciate how much care you put into the research and into creating a professional site (with correct spelling and grammar). Your site surely blessed me!

K. Stewart

Okay, I have given your site to ten or more people. I am telling you I have looked a lot and yours is the best site. Let me explain. Hate cancer. Most of my family are the same as a lot of people. So I have bought and am an affiliate for Truth about Cancer. Awesome program and I see some doctors I get emails from and a couple of other guys I as an affiliate for are working with them and are trying to share the message. I am going to put on several town meetings and I am running couple hundred copies of your home page, I am thinking.

Let us go back five years. My buddy with agent orange came down with cancer size of baseball on bottom of heart area. Chemo-therapy and radiation fried him till ten months ago. We talked him into the Simpson oil and it reduced the tumor in half. So they said in remission. He like stupid quit using. So six weeks ago he went to Ann Arbor and got a check-up. Baseball-sized tumor was back and four to five spots in each lung and seven spots on back. He started cayenne tincture next day, six weeks ago than three weeks ago got a hold of me and we add the cayenne and lemon water to his regime. Three weeks later, two days ago he went back to Ann Arbor and got tested. He tried to explain what happened to the doctors but of course they wouldn't listen. The most important part is they have to have faith in what they are doing.

Not only was he cancer free but ALL CANCER SPOTS WERE GONE! Completely gone. He said it was GONE. Just letting you know my friend. Our Creator is with you. Thank You.

Dale Neff
N. Michigan

I wrote to you on YouTube and Twitter as well, sorry for that... however now I found your email and it was really important for me that this message gets to you.

I really want to promote the cayenne consciousness in Israel after what it did for me for the good of people. I also learned to make some of Dr. Schulze's cayenne based tinctures. I want to get your support and advice, since what cayenne pepper did for me and some people around me is on a miracle level. So thank you!!!!

And here's my healing story: I read your articles about cayenne pepper, and thought, well, even it is only 10% accurate, I am satisfied... (www.cayenne I have suffered from severe bleeding hemorrhoids for over 12 years. I tried everything, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Homeopathy, Yoga postures, 1 unsuccessful surgery, 2 rubber band ligation procedures of hemorrhoids, 9 days of water fast, nothing seemed to really help. At the same day I started my cayenne treatment my bleeding literally stopped. It has been 3 months now! My hemorrhoids also shrunk from 7 centimeters to 2 centimeters. and keeps getting better.

Assaf Gurner

Just want to tell you about my 10-year-old daughter's experience. She frequently had nose bleeds (Epistaxis) without warning. The some time ago it was particularly bad and I remembered reading about Cayenne and bleeding.

I mixed 1/2 teaspoon in warm water and challenged her to try it, the poor love was so frustrated by these bleeds she bravely accepted the challenge. After about 20 seconds I asked her to take the tissues away, she was reluctant but did as I asked, suddenly a smile appeared on her face, "Dad it's stopped!" Also my headache has gone." I did not know about the headache before she mentioned it.

Not only did it stop the bleed on that occasion but they NEVER returned.

Andrew Ristrom

For the last however many of years, I have been a headache sufferer. I am also an allergy sufferer. Between allergy effects and whatever else that brings the headaches on, my headaches have in the past ruined all kinds of celebrations, days at work, and times with my kids. But, several months ago a fellow pastor (whom I knew to be a headache sufferer like me) shared with me the results that he had achieved by taking Bromelain and cayenne pepper. He suggested that I take them and I did. I purchased cayenne capsules and even began opening them and shaking the cayenne onto every meal. Not knowing that the real results were coming from the cayenne though, I stopped using it and stuck with the bromelain alone. Well, progressively, my headaches returned to the prior debilitating level that they had always been at. The only thing that would help was Excedrin - and I have taken a ton of it. 

Well, last Wednesday night, I got fed up with the headaches. But, when I went to the cabinet downstairs, there was no Excedrin. I was practically ready to do anything. But, that is when I saw the cayenne pepper sitting there. One capsule with a bit of water and back to bed I went... 

Seven days later, here I am. Everything has changed. No headaches. Well, there was one. But, I drifted back to sleep without doing anything. It may sound simple. But, I was completely frustrated by the endless headaches, Sudafed for congestion, and Excedrin. I had been up in the middle of the night from the Sudafed and lying in pain waiting for Excedrin to do the trick -- sometimes having to go throughout whole days using it. But, from here on out, cayenne pepper is the way. I have not taken a single Excedrin for seven (7) days!!!! Here's something funny. Last night, I got up off of the couch and ran in place while I watched TV!!! Happy!!! 

Michael Rogers 
Thanks for making your website and spreading the info on cayenne pepper. I stumbled upon your site about 2 months ago, and started using cayenne pepper immediately thereafter. The results I've had with cayenne pepper are very special. It has done what nothing else has been able to do. 

First some background. Im a 29-year-old guy from Denmark. At the age of approximately 13, I noticed my hands getting very blue in cold weather, allmost purple, some of my friends noticed it, too. I didn't think that much of it at the time, I had no further symptoms, except cold hands and feet. I also noticed that when taking a hot shower, my legs would get red spots, but they would go away again after 15 minutes. When I got older and met a nice girl, the unfortunate scope of my situation was revealed -- I was not able to perform sexually. (This might sound cheesy or something, but the overall consequences of this on a young person's life is very serious.)

I was devastated to say the least, and didn't know what was wrong with me. I thought I had some kind of disease in my blood vessels. I went to my doctor, and he couldn't give me a proper explanation. My numbers were normal, but he just wanted to give me a perscription for Viagra®. I rejected that and started reading about autoimmune conditions on my own. The next 10+ years I tried everything under the sun, e.g., different detoxes, diets, water fasting, herbal supplements, Chinese medicine, etc. Nothing really worked and some things would improve it only a tiny little bit. I was obsessed and neglected most other things in life. I was on a mission and I was miserable most of the time. Everything i tried was a dissapointment. The psychological impact of not being available to the other sex was overshadowing everything most of the time. I stayed away from girls, and I was very depressed at times. In the later parts of my twenties I became better at living with it; I was slowly starting to accept my fate.

Then, I read your website and got me some cayenne powder. I started with the normal 30,000 powder 3x a day, and quickly increased my dose. After a week, I started to see some improvement -- my hands and feet didn't feel as cold. I pushed quickly and after 1.5 months I was doing it 3x [a day] with 1 full teaspoon of 90k cayenne a day. I have a lot of respect for cayenne -- it has given me some of my worst stomach aches in my life. But the improvement continued a little bit week after week. Now, after approximately 2 months on cayenne pepper, it is allmost completely gone. I know now that I don't have a disease in my blood vessels as such. I just had a severely broken circulatory system. People have bad circulation, but mine was extremely bad.

I consider myself extremely lucky that I ended up reading your website one day. Cayenne pepper is very powerful, and I know that a lot of people could benefit from it. It has increased my libido a lot as well. I think it was low before because of a lack of blood flow. I think it has also given me more energy overall, too. [I also have] much better moods, but that explains itself. Only problem I have now is when I do 3x teaspoon 90k a day, I will get itchy and want to scratch a lot. I am trying to get hold of the 160k, but that is difficult, as I can only find one in the UK that doesn't send to Denmark, and the same with the ones in the US. If you know someone in the US who will ship to Denmark, please let me know. Thanks for your website.

I thought I had already posted an answer but I guess it didn't make it through. And YES! Definitely use my testimony and my story to help spread what capsaicin can do. I can complement with additional information if you would need that. While I was admitted to a palitive care section at the hospital (almost 7 years), I came in contact to other prostate cancer patients, one of which happened to be the baker who did my wedding cake back in 1996! Instead of dying there on the hospital unit, he was also released because he wasn't dying anymore. His PSA at the start of his first cayenne pepper aid was 126. At that time, his doctor gave him a maximum of two months to live. After the first "solution" his PSA dropped to 25. I know he did a second thing but I don't remember how much it was lowered. I can get in touch with him if you're interested to know. Then, there are three other patients whom I know of that have also tried to achieve the same reduction of their prostate cancer as I have. But of those three, I have only maintained contact with one of them and I only know that he has had a large reduction of his PSA and as of two weeks ago, he will be starting his second solution. 
Thomas F. Holland 
I am long overdue in writing this testimonial. I first got onto cayenne pepper after experiencing atrial fibrillation a few years ago. After being hospitalized for an irregular heart rhythm beat that lasted for nearly two days, and being pumped full of toxic liquid in order to bring my heart beat back normal, I realized that things weren't looking great for me. I've had about four episodes of atrial fibrillation since my first episode, and cayenne pepper always fixes it. Not that I'm wanting to put my heart into that irregular state, but it shows how great this spice really is. I will endeavour to take a tea-spoon full of cayenne pepper until the day I die. Cayenne pepper and orange juice is my 'go to' drink whenever I feel a cold coming on. It is truly remarkable how effective it is in curing or severely minimizing symptoms. I've upgraded to organic cayenne pepper lately, which I believe helps even more. I'm so grateful to have stumbled across this website. Other amazing benefits that cayenne pepper brings: enhanced clarity of mind, better energy levels, and a general [and] better sense of well being. I never hesitate to tell my friends about this amazing spice! 
Matthew Sweetingham 
Auckland, New Zealand 
I have been enjoying your website four days now. Just happened on it during further research on cayenne powder. I was having a mild heart attack four days ago and remembered a reference to Dr. Christopher's success with cayenne powder. I tried it and it worked! 
London, TN 

Five years ago thereabouts, while in America, I saw a brief report on TV about how cayenne tincture is able to save lives during a heart attack. I've always been a believer of natural healing so I wasted no tim buying six bottles right off at Whole Foods. I come from the Phillipines, that's why, and I needed to stock up because I have a husband who has had three heart attacks in the span of 12 years but he has never had an angiogram nor a bypass. We rallied to heal him naturally. And he's doing well. I did my research on cayenne too and had no doubts about it. I’d always carry a bottle in my purse and bring it out after a rich, heavy lunch or dinner with my senior friends and make every golden girl take a squirt with a glass of water … just another part of our health jokes!

Until one blessed morning I got up early for a work-related appointment, leisurely took a bath (had more than enough time), and just as I was preparing to blow my hair dry I felt this pulsating pain radiating from within the center of my head, which was throbbing wildly and shooting out in all imaginable directions. "That was odd," I remember thinking. As I calmed myself down, I thought I hardly had headaches. I walked up to the bed where I always keep a glass of water and slowly took it … hoping the pain will ease up. As I thought I was beginning to get relief, I casually walked up to the dresser like nothing happened to get my blow dryer, but then I broke out into profuse sweating all over from my head to my toes. I literally was drenched and dripping. I could also feel my extremities were as cold as ice. Plus, the throbbing pain in the core of my head was back stronger than when it started. I rang for our housemaid to bring me a basin as I felt like throwing up (I couldn't make it to the sink or toilet). Shocked at how she found me, she frantically screamed for my husband having breakfast downstairs. Soon as he was up I asked him to call the ER of the nearest hospital to report my condition and from their conversation I knew the ambulance was on its way.

Then I remembered my cayenne bottle! I motioned for my purse, took it out, my shaking hand squirted a dropperful into another glass of water and drunk it. Soon after the ambulance arrived. I was having a mean stroke! By the time I made it to the ER, doctor asked me on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad my pain was. I said two. After routine tests and physical exams they found nothing and had no choice but to release me. Although the doctor intimated to me that based on the detailed symptoms I gave I may have been just a hairline away from an aneurism. Pretty frightening experience but thank God for cayenne!

Some couple of months ago my husband woke up to an angina episode at about 3 a.m. Out of habit he immediately took isordil but the chest tightness persisted. He then remembered his cayenne tincture I asked him to always park at his night table. He then put a dropperful into a glass of water that was not even warm and was amazed at the immediate relief he felt. Now he’s on it pretty regularly … twice a day!

My husband is 73 years and I’m 71. So guys … go for cayenne! Its as simple as that.

Garcia Paloma  

I remember reading on your site about cayenne stopping a heart attack and remember reading your own expeience doing that after running in the hot sun. I'm a fitness buff and 54 yrs old and was working out on chest exercises with very high intensity two nights ago (slow reps/low volume/heavy weight) and had a large cup of coffee before workout (probably made it worse). Right after my third set doing flat dumbbell flies, I started having the worst chest pains ever in my life (I've experienced mild chest pains since early twenties -- been checked and doctors said the heart looked fiine). It would notstop either after a few minutes. I was hunched over and I was very scared and started to panic. Then I remembered from a thing I've read on your site, so real quick, I put some cayenne pepper powder I had handin in a cup of water, stirred it and drank it fast. Sure, enough, the pain went away in less than a minute. Fro all I know, that could've saved my life. I've researched if you can have a heart attack even without arterial blockage and apparently you can because if not enough oxygen is getting to the heart, you still can and too much caffeine along with improper breathing can do that so I was probably having a heart attack. Will keep drinking cayenne every day from now on to open the arteries before and for overall heart health. Thanks again for your site and all the great info.

Bill Pruitt   
Kansas City, MO 
Great website! Lots of good info. Anyhow, have a story for you. Had a colonoscopy last week. The doctor found ulcerative colitis (UC). And since I wasn't put under I could converse with him during the procedure. So...he finds strong signs of UC, but he says the tissue involved looks like it's been healing and mending. He wants to know if I had stopped something that could have been the offending source. He says it looks as if it's been healing over a period of months. So, I tell him the only thing that I've changed is I've been taking 3000 mg. of cayenne pepper for about 3.5 months. Now he's intrigued and says he's really not familiar with cayenne as a healer, but he's open minded (he's from India), more so than the typical American doctor. He says he's very interested in looking into cayenne. Then he says, "Well, if I were you and I suspected a strong cause and effect between UC and the use of cayenne, I'd keep dong it!" So, yup, I'm gonna keep going with it. The reason I originally started using it was for circulation. I used to get very dizzy at times, almost passing out. That problem is now in the past, I NEVER get dizzy anymore. Thought you might enjoy hearing the story! Thanks!
Al Reilly
Lacrosse, Wisconsin

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Heinerman, John. (1997). The health benefits of cayenne. New Canaan, CT: Keats Publishing, Inc.