Learn How to Prepare the Cayenne Drink

Cayenne pepper is one of the world's great health secrets but sadly very few know about it.

Cayenne pepper (sometimes erroneously spelled "cayanne pepper") is a medicinal spice that nourishes the heart, the venous structure, eliminates ulcers, hemorrhoids, and is a tremendous therapeutic agent for a myriad of health concerns.

While cayenne is a great medicinal herb just how does one take it on a constant basis in order to glean its full health benefits? Sprinkling it on your food is not enough.

While cayenne pepper is a great herb in the kitchen known the world over for its culinary uses in Asian and Mexican cuisine, cayenne needs to be taken in a larger dose.

Some may argue that taking it in capsule form is sufficient. That has its pluses and minuses.

However, if you want an immediate effect upon your system, I recommend drinking it -- yes drinking cayenne pepper water!

Cayenne Pepper Drink?!

Why should you drink it? Because it immediately influences the venous and cardiovascular system for the better, providing the heart with an immediate dose of powerful nutrients. Drinking it is not a big deal.

Who should drink it? Anyone who wants to strengthen their heart, lower their cholesterol, eliminate hemorrhoids, heal an ulcer, eliminate a cold or the flu -- and those are just a few of its many health benefits.

To see a full list of the health benefits of cayenne pepper, look to the left on the navigation bar and click on the "Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper" link. (It's at

UPDATE: Let me add something to this that may be important. I now drink about only two to four ounces of water with the cayenne maximum. (I used to drink eight ounces with the cayenne powder.)

Needless to say, I've really scaled back the amount of water as I just don't think it as necessary anymore. The less water makes the cayenne drink taste more pungent but it takes a lot less time to drink.

That may be helpful for some people. It is for me too -- especially as I've graduated to 160,000 SHU cayenne although I still take a lot of 90,000 SHU cayenne.

Well, there you have it. I hope this video and information was beneficial to you.

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