Cayenne Pepper and Vitamin C are an Unbeatable Combination

Learn About an All-Natural Aid for the Flu

I'm very excited to share with you this cayenne pepper and Vitamin C information.

If I told you that there really is an all-natural aid for those suffering from influenza or the flu, would you believe me? The common cold is, well, very common, and judging from the avalanche of flu-specific products in the marketplace today, there is big money to be made in it, too.

Well, there is an aid for the common cold that will do wonders in eradicating, or at the very least significantly minimize, the effects of influenza or the flu as it's commonly called.

To say that there is a truly incredible aid for the common cold is quite bold, I know. I have personally experienced this simple remedy as have others of my personal acquaintance.

So, without further adieu, here it is, here's the secret: put some cayenne pepper into a vitamin C rich liquid and drink it. I actually prefer drinking my cayenne in orange juice, but lemon juice or grapefruit juice would work just as well.

Why does this work? Because vitamin C is an antioxidant and cayenne amplifies the powerful effects of the vitamin C.

Remember, one of cayenne's remarkable properties is that it's an accentuator medicinal spice. It amplifies the nutritional efficacy of the nutrients it is combined with in a synergistic fashion. In fact, many herbal formulas have cayenne in them -- even eye formulas like the Dr. Christopher brand called "eyebright."

I learned this from Dr. John Heinerman in his booklet The Health Benefits of Cayenne (1997). In that booklet, Heinerman recounts how many years ago he was in the Mexican Yucatan Penninsula when he came down with a case of virulent influenza.

On the advice of a local herbalist or Mayan folk healer (curandera), he acquired some sour oranges that are endemic to that region and juiced them. He then added what he calls "a pinch" (p. 37) of cayenne pepper.

He wrote, "I [then] drank, gargled and managed to swallow with great difficulty two large glasses of this horrid-tasting stuff. By the next morning, I was feeling 100 percent better" (ibid.). Upon returning to the States, he researched the synergy between capsaicin and ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

His research revealed that vitamin C works much better with cayenne in that it stays in the body twice as long. Remember, vitamin C is a very powerful and necessary antioxidant to humans so this synergy is not that unbelievable.

He recommends taking 1,000 mg of vitamin C to the equivalent of one capsule of cayenne pepper, orange juicewhich is about 1/8th to 1/4th of a teaspoon maximum in size, comparatively speaking.

He finishes his comments regarding the power of cayenne and vitamin C together saying, "The very best combination I know, even more potent than synthetic antibiotics for clearing up infections of any kind, are garlic, goldenseal, cayene pepper and vitamin C!" (ibid.).

Another Tip

Here's another natural herb that is absolutely wonderful in staving off -- and mitigating the flu if you have it -- red raspberry leaf. I have a whole bunch in my home and drink it quite regularly.

cayenne pepper and vitamin CI simply put it in a tea ball, boil up some purified water, add some honey or agave, and drink it. (It tastes good on its own without any sweeteners, actually.)

I believe in a multi-pronged effort when resolving health problems and perhaps red raspberry leaf tea will help you as well.

It has many people around the world. It's inexpensive and readily available in health food stores or online.


By adding cayenne to orange juice, you'll find it's not as difficult to drink as with warm water. It actually gives a nice spicy flavor to the juice. Of course, this is subjective, but it is now my preferred way to take cayenne.

I will continue to take cayenne in three to four ounces of very warm distilled or purified water, but perhaps you will find this drink combination useful.

It will certainly be useful for those of you who are bold enough to try it so as to eliminate a bout with the dreaded flu.

Lastly, if you're interested in supplementing or experimenting with cayenne, you can get more information about buying good quality cayenne at this article over here within this site or go to this page.

I hope this cayenne pepper and vitamin C webpage has been helpful to you. 

Heinerman, John. (1997). The health benefits of cayenne. New Canaan, CT: Keats Publishing, Inc.