Some Cayenne Pepper Supplementing Tips and Tricks That Will Help You

This page is meant to give you some easy, quick tips and tricks on supplementing with cayenne pepper.

Cayenne is an incredible medicinal spice with many health benefits, which you can read about here.

So, after years of supplementing with cayenne, and literally hearing from people all over the globe, here are a few tips on supplementing with the amazing spice known as cayenne pepper.

I mentioned or alluded about the people who have contacted me from around the world.

I've literally heard from people all over the world, e.g., England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, S. Africa, Germany, Canada, India, all over America (of course), Antigua and Puerto Rico. That is not a comprehensive list either.

I mention these good people as I've had many good ideas passed on to me that I've done my best to share in the pages of this website. I do this as I don't want anyone to think these ideas are exclusively mine -- they aren't. Two heads are better than one regarding the sharing of information.

Let's Get to It! Here are the Tips and Tricks

So, without further adieu, here are some simple and basic principles and tactics I've learned about how to supplement with cayenne and how best to improve that experience.

  • Drink cayenne pepper with tomato or V8 juice. This really is the easiest way to drink it I've ever come across.
  • Drink cayenne with orange juice. (Here are some other cayenne pepper drink options here, by the way.)
  • The ideal way to take cayenne is with very warm water. This "cayenne tea" is very potent and healthy for the cardiovascular system.
  • If you have a heart problem of any kind, or are in risk of a stroke in any way, supplement with cayenne pepper.
  • Hold your breath when drinking cayenne if the taste is really difficult for you.
  • Combine cayenne with turmeric and garlic for a really potent, all-natural medicinal spice supplement. Mix it with olive oil and imbibe with tomato juice.
  • Start small when supplementing. Don't go over 1/4th of a teaspoon. In fact, I recommend starting with a lot less. Many start with 1/8th or 1/16th or 1/32nd of a teaspoon when starting with cayenne. I personally started with 1/32nd of a teaspoon. This tip is especially important when using organic cayenne. In my experience, organic cayenne is more potent than non-organic cayenne.
  • Start small and stay small when supplementing with cayenne until you get used to it.
  • Don't take more than one drink (three ounces of chosen liquid and the chosen amount of cayenne pepper powder) per day.
  • Combine three ounces of liquid with the cayenne pepper powder for the cayenne drink.
  • When you first start using cayenne as a supplement, the cayenne will cause a burning feeling when you defecate. Don't worry -- this is not unexpected and will not harm you in any way.

  • Cayenne is not a panacea but it comes pretty close if one supplements smartly with it.
  • Avoid grocery-store cayenne as it's most likely irradiated.
  • Many have reported just as many therapeutic benefits using 35,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units) cayenne as 90,000 SHU cayenne pepper powder.
  • It's easier and cheaper to buy good, organic cayenne pepper powder from a good wholesaler or retailer than it is to grow your own.
  • Ignore people's skepticism regarding cayenne. If they're not open minded about it, ignore them. Most people's opinions are rife with ignorance, tradition and/or pre-conceived notions. The vast majority of human beings are not open minded. Remember that.
  • The best time to take cayenne is when it's best for you. All things being equal, the best time is in the morning (at least for me). Experiment with what is best for you.
  • If you have a really difficult time supplementing with cayenne, take it with food.
  • Cayenne capsules work very well but the best and most ideal way to take cayenne is in drink form. (For a good discussion on the cayenne capsules vs. cayenne tea positions, click on the previous hyperlink, which will take you to a page within this web site.)
  • Cayenne pepper has an incredible range of therapeutic benefits. See the cayenne testimonial page for proof (all testimonials are on email file).
  • Cayenne can stop a heart attack in its tracks. Really! (Of course, a person should get to a doctor as soon as possible.)
  • To get in the habit of supplementing with cayenne, you need to track your progress. (This cayenne goal grid can help and it's free.)

Do you have any tips you'd like to share? If you do, please email me here at:

P.S. Lastly, if you're interested in supplementing or experimenting with cayenne, you can get more information about buying good quality cayenne at quality prices at this article within this site. Or, alternatively, you can view a comprehensive product price list with different cayenne products here