Cayenne Pepper Books and Web Articles

Cayenne pepper is a popular topic among health enthusiasts as well as those who want to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Many books, articles both online anf offline, have been devoted to the virtues of cayenne pepper and its active ingredient capsaicin, not to mention clinical studies.

Even though herbal medicine, has a sterling record of actually healing people of various illness and maladies, the credibility of herbal medicine is not the same as allopathic or western medicine.

In fact, people consider it "old fashioned" and obsolete. I was watching a popular news-panel show a year ago or so and watched and listened as the panel members openly derided non-traditional medicine.

So, it's left to people like me who want to share the values of herbal medicine. And as you can see below, medicinal spices (and herbs) are quite popular. many books and articles have been written on them.

Here are a few now. 

Books About or That Discuss Cayenne Pepper

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Websites & Web Articles That Discuss Cayenne and/or Capsaicin

These lists will be updated over time; they will continue to grow. If you come upon an article you find especially helpful, feel free to email me at:

I hope this information has been useful to you in your study about the therapeutic health benefits of cayenne pepper and capsaicin.

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